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Inspirations for Starting your own Ecoversity

Re-imagining Power: Our Journey with Sarva-Anumati

By Kejal Savla, Arnaz Khan and Abhishek Thakore Sarva-Anumati is a compound word: Sarva means all and Anumati means permission or consent. Hence, the term Sarva-Anumati implies the permission or consent of all. Introduced by Mahatma Gandhi, the concept of Sarva-Anumati was further championed by Acharya (Sanskrit for teacher) Vinoba Bhave who is also known

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Ecoversities – A Reflection on Re-imagining Education

Ecoversities Alliance: A Reflection on Re-imagining Education and Supporting Learning Communities Text by: Udi Mandel and Gerardo Lopez Amaro Illustration & Graphic Design: Kate Morales <iframe src=”https://ecoversities.org/wp-content/plugins/pdf-viewer-for-elementor/assets/pdfjs/web/viewer.html?file=https://ecoversities.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Ecoversities-Reflections-on-Re-imagining-Education-2021.pdf&embedded=true” style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 1045px; height: 1280px;” frameborder=”1″ marginheight=”0px” marginwidth=”0px” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Holding Space, Together

By Alessandra Pomarico with Kū Kahakalau and Kate Morales Okiciya makiyokipi na iyuteya, cuke wayokapi, mitakuye oyasin. Help each other acclimatize and adjust, because the truth is, we are all related. — Lakota saying shared by Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows) Together, to gather, to get there. To become one in many, a multitude of singularities,

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Weaving and Un-weaving stories

by Rahul Hasija Possibilities and potency of Stories & Narratives in shaping Ecoversities and their work Each night in my childhood, my mother took me to far-fetched lands, deserts and forests of all kinds, walked upon by Sufi mystiques like Nanak, Kabir, Bulle-Shah. Her stories allowed me to travel to mystical locations as well as

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Catalogue of Radical Pedagogies

The Future is Now: Ecoversities Alliance Catalogue of Radical Pedagogies What might the university look like if it were at the service of our diverse ecologies, cultures, economies, spiritualities and Life within our planetary home? Compiled and Edited by: Sweta Daga and Manish Jain Layout and Design: Somdutta Pal and Harsh Wardhan Special Thanks: Alessandra

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traian bruma

Childhood Harbor

By Traian Brumă Part I : Five types of watercrafts that sail towards adulthood Introduction For a quarter of a century, Ceaușescu was Romania’s omnipresent dictator; his picture adorned every wall and stamped the first page of every book published. He was executed on Christmas day of 1989 and the country was suddenly “free”. I

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pedagogy of travel

From tourists to pilgrims, the pedagogy of traveling

By Sharmila Govande “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” <footer> <cite>Oliver Wendell Holmes</cite> </footer> </blockquote> As part of our post graduation course in social work (1), we were required to get a glimpse of the local social development projects through a fifteen day journey.

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THE ECOVERSITIES STARTUP KIT – developed by India members

Each of us, individually and collectively, are capable of self-designing and selforganizing our own learning programs, learning communities and learning ecosystems. We need to reclaim our capacities to decolonize, generate and share knowledge. We need to re-open wisdom dialogues about development, progress, technology, equality, freedom and the good life.  This document is a supportive guide to setting up your

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Are eco-versities the future for higher education? (2016)

Transforming learning into a process of liberation sounds great, but what does it mean in practice? Eco-versity representatives at a meeting in Portugal in 2015. Credit: Brandon Hay. “Redefining the way we learn is also about being aware of the underlying patterns that have been imposed on us through our schooling. Many times we are

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Experiencing Ecoversities

Streetology – Presence, Observation and Action (in that order)

by Karim-Yassin Goessinger Streetology – Presence, Observation and Action (in that order) Africa’s cities have been connected by networks of trade and knowledge exchange for centuries. In the 21st century some of these ancient meeting places have become the fastest growing cities in the world. By the end of this century Dar es Salaam, Kinshasa,

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Learning From the In Between

Notes on Common Life, Hospitality and the 2011 Movements of the Squares. 1 By Luis Moreno-Caballud and Begonia Santa-Cecilia 2 Click here to read the Spanish version of this publication. A mysterious, crucial, underground relation It is May 10th, 2011, María Paz has died, we are preparing to leave Madrid and return home. We have

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Corazonando Nuevos Mundos

Por Marco Andrade V. La vida me ha dado muy lindas oportunidades de intercambio y de compartir personalmente con jóvenes universitarios de distintos países de Nuestra América. De manera particular, en el año 2009 tuve el privilegio de recorrer casi la totalidad de Sudamérica, visitar las principales universidades en cada país y entrevistar a cientos

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Kapu Aloha

Kapu Aloha: Sacred Activism and Civic Engagement grounded in Cultural Traditions

By Kū Kahakalau, Ph.D. In 2019, efforts to protect Mauna Kea, Hawaiʻiʻs tallest mountain, from the construction of a Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT) (1), crystalised the Hawaiian movement, unlike any other Hawaiian-related issue in the past, uniting tens of thousands of Native Hawaiians of all ages, on all islands, and removing long-standing barriers between Native Hawaiian

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Re-imagining higher education

Learning takes place in the heart, the hands and the home, not just in the head. What does that mean for the universities of the future? Students from Red Crow Community College visiting Omahkakihtakssin (Majorville Medicine Wheel) in southern Alberta, Canada.  Credit: Narcisse Blood. All rights reserved. Situated within the same walls that once housed

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Explorations from the Edges in the Middle

Huellas Matriarcales y poder patriarcal

Por Irene Ragazzini   Pasaje: Introducción Con este pequeño libro, quiero compartir una reflexión sobre el desarrollo de las estructuras patriarcales que rigen nuestras sociedades, entendiéndolas como una construcción social e histórica y por lo tanto no universales, ni naturales, ni totalizantes. En primer lugar recupero algunos principios, instituciones y prácticas que, a lo largo

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A Leap of Imagination

By Françoise Vergès No change for the good ever happens without it being imagined first, even if that change seems hopeless or impossible in the present. —Martin Espada When I was an adolescent on Réunion Island and I was walking in its impressive mountains, which all bear the names of Malagasy maroons,¹ I imagined them

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Challenges in Detoxing from the Digital World

by Kaushiek Pranoo  The Digital Age – Welcome to the Machine  The Digital Age we are part of today offers us so many comforts and conveniences of technology that no other generation before us has ever had the privilege of enjoying. A simple smartphone today can do what a dozen or more items did a

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Education as a Collective Practice

About this publication The work of Foresta Collective explores the notions of the ecological from a variety of perspectives, aspiring to contribute to the emergence of a mindset grounded in human embodied and embedded nature, interconnectedness, and deep entanglement with the more-than-human worlds. In spring and summer 2020 amid the first wave of the Covid

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seeing together in the dark matter of the image

 by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson   In their “Notes towards a Vernacular Technology”, which opens their booklet Seeing Together in the Dark Matter of the Image, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson  write: “How do we open up spaces for sharing thoughts and conversations that facilitate the creation of different ways of being together, talk-ing, seeing, inhabiting the

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Abhishek Thakore

The many shades of love

by Abhishek Thakore and Dan Rudolph Love…oh love! The spice that comes in a million flavours. The joie de vivre. The feeling that makes life worth living. The only emotion that can increase intelligence. The subject of more than half the songs humanity has ever written. The essence of the Sufi’s path. And yet, our

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In the morning, you won’t find me here

A MEDITATION IN BLACKNESS  Poem by Bayo Akomolafe I am a black man.I was planted in deep, loamy, black soil by my black father.Cradled, cultured and coaxed out like a tuber of yam by my black mother.Though I came from one womb, I am birthed by many mothers – some of skin like bark and timber,

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University of full catastrophe

The University of Full Catastrophe Learning

As the impact of the Covid-19 crisis spreads from the biological, to the social and the economic, many universities are confronting the realities of living in a world characterized by complexity. What are the implications for universities? How do we need to change our approach to education? 1.My early academic life was a slow moving

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Comer es Rebeldía Vol 2. La Alimentación como arte de la resistencia

  Comer es Rebeldía Vol 2. La Alimentación como arte de la resistencia (Eating is Rebellion Vol 2. Food as art of resistance). This is a compilation of texts about food sovereignty and proposals of resistance and autonomy related to food. It focuses on the creation of alternatives from the grassroots and transmits the message that

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Localization and New Economies

Mahua – News and conversations about the real economy in India 

  These alivelihoods are restoring Nature and communities, making knowledge and the bounties of Nature and communities, making knowledge and the bounties of Nature freely accessible, bringing down inequities, facilitating deep questioning and inquiry, healing the disconnected self and the wounded spirit, helping people experience real love and joy, all of which is dismantling the

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Learning to Heal Ourselves

Nueva Antropología Human@

By Pedro Reygadas   Este libro es una Nueva Antropología, un acercamiento contemporáneo a la humanidad como totalidad abierta. Un acercamiento sistémico a la complejidad dinámica rizomática de la carnalidad material de la persona, de sus campos de energía/in-formación y de su espiritualidad a partir de la in-formación/energía del pensamiento y de la conciencia.  Descarga

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Engaged Buddhism – Healing Trauma in Community Settings

What prepares men for totalitarian domination in the non-totalitarian world is the fact that loneliness, once a borderline experience usually suffered in certain marginal social conditions like old age, has become an everyday experience … – The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951) by Hannah Arendt A few nights before I left for Xommunity, I was scrolling

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Nitin Paranjape

Walking the scarred path or discovering the sacred masculinity in us?

by Nitin Paranjape   For the past year, I have been a part of an interesting co-learning experiment called “Mensversity”. The idea first took root in informal dialogues over lunch or chai during the Indian Multiversity Alliance (IMA) meeting at the Deer Park Institute in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. The Indian Multiversity Alliance is a flexible,

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Relatos de las Abuelas y Abuelos de San Mateo Piñas

<img src=”https://ecoversities.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Captura-de-pantalla-2018-12-19-a-las-7.48.51-p.m.-300×229.png” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”229″ />Relatos de las Abuelas y Abuelos de San Mateo Piñas is a recopilation of short stories and leyends from the Sierra Sur and Costa regions of Oaxaca, told by elders of the indigenous village of San Mateo Piñas. Descarga el libro/download this book.

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Earth Consciousness

She has no Land but she keeps sheep / first Chapter

She has no Land but she keeps sheep / first Chapter In 2017 we presented “She has no land but she keeps sheep, an introduction”, at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. The occasion was the exhibition Sensibile Comune connected to the C17 conference one hundred years after the October Revolution. This introduction

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Vital Vocabulary

By Eliana Otta Vital Vocabulary comes out of necessity, as we acknowledge the insufficiency of available language to address what is meaningful in times of extreme uncertainty . . . times when we seem to lack words to properly express the depth of our confusion and pain, as well as to articulate what dares to appear

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Native Hawaiian Coloring Books

These Coloring Book for all ages were created by two 2013 Native Hawaiian graduates from Hawaiʻiʻs first Indigenous-focused charter school, where they learned about their responsibility to the environment. Each book focuses on issues facing Hawaiʻiʻs unique environments and provides solutions, as well as inspirational Hawaiian proverbs passed down from our ancestors for many generations.

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Live Human Signposts

Networked Power and Peer-Peer Learning | Swaraj University Live Human Signposts

Each of the people interviewed had a different intention and journey to get to Swaraj University. Similarly, each of them had a different experience while learning at Swaraj. Although there were many differences in their experiences, there were also many similarities that emerged in their reflections about their experiences. The first article explored stories of Experiential

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Sense-Making and Developing Confidence | Swaraj University Live Human Signposts

Each of the people interviewed had a different intention and journey to get to Swaraj. Similarly, each of them had a different experience while learning at Swaraj. Although there were many differences in their experiences, there were also many similarities that emerged in their reflections about their experiences. The previous article explored stories of Experiential

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Experiential Learning in Swaraj | Swaraj University Live Human Signposts

The first two articles in this series looked at each of their experiences with formal schooling growing up, and subsequently their unique paths to exploring alternative education. Each of them had a different intention and journey to get to Swaraj. Similarly, each of them had a different experience while learning at Swaraj.  Although there were

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Path to Alternatives | Swaraj University Live Human Signposts

The previous article in this series looked at the stories that each Live Human Signpost shared relating to their experiences with formal education growing up. Overall, the stories that were shared were of dissatisfaction and of developing unhealthy habits and perception. This led to depression, anxiety, confusion and disconnection. These negative experiences led each of

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Live Human Signposts from Swaraj University

  For this first Live Human Signposts series we will be showcasing four ‘Live Human Signposts’ that dropped out of the mainstream, and pursued alternative forms of education, which brought each of them, in their own unique journeys, to Swaraj University, in Rajasthan India. Since attending Swaraj each of them has gone on to explore

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Introducing the Live Human Signposts Project

There is a lot of darkness in our world. There is a need for change. What can bring hope is that there are already many individuals, organizations and networks that are realizing and spreading change. Oftentimes these individuals, and initiatives, are not known by people that are not affiliated with alternative networks. With great compassion,

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Pedagogy Otherwise the Reader

Pedagogy, Otherwise: the Reader

Pedagogy, Otherwise: the Reader was assembled in the context of /and in conversation with the Eco-versities Alliance, a trans-local community of learning practitioners from around the world committed to cultivate and reclaim knowledges, relationships and imaginations. Most of the texts appeared originally in the series Pedagogy, Otherwise, as part of the line of inquiry Learning,

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Learning to learn in a context of war

Notes on the 1st Ecoversities gathering in Tamera, Portugal Compas:[1] The memories of our encounter still resonate in my mind and in my heart. I still need to process many things. The hassle of everyday life has caught me, and it is always complicated for me to sit and write my feelings/thoughts (sentipensamientos), but I did

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