Native Hawaiian Coloring Books

These Coloring Book for all ages were created by two 2013 Native Hawaiian graduates from Hawaiʻiʻs first Indigenous-focused charter school, where they learned about their responsibility to the environment.

Each book focuses on issues facing Hawaiʻiʻs unique environments and provides solutions, as well as inspirational Hawaiian proverbs passed down from our ancestors for many generations.

Perfect for all ages, this set of Coloring Book is designed for adults and children to color together using markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or watercolors.

Some unique features of the coloring book include:

  • Bi-lingual – Created in Hawaiian and English in an effort to once again normalize the use of the Hawaiian language in the Hawaiian islands, banned by US occupiers in 1896.


  • Free to download and duplicate for personal and educational use for all who want to color while learning about Hawaiʻiʻs environment.

These books are a FREE gift to teachers, parents, grandparents and children of all ages who want to doodle, color, and get creative while learning about the importance of taking care of our environment for future generations.

Mālama i ke Kahawai – Take Care of the Stream.

English version: Take Care of the Stream

Hawaiian version: Mālama i ke Kahawai


Mālama i ke Kai – Take Care of the Ocean.

Hawaiian version: Mālama i ke Kai

English version: Take Care of the Ocean


Mālama i ka ʻUlulāʻau – Take Care of the Forest.

Hawaiian version: Mālama i ka Ulu Lāʻau

English version: Taking Care of the Forest



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