The futility of effort

by Ahmed M. Saleh

"عبثية المحاولة"​

“The futility of effort”

أخذت أجاور هواجسي،

عن الهوية الضائعة

وبين هنا وهناك

لا شيء

سوى أن الجهات تقلصت من حولي؛

لتصير قبراً على قياسِ جثتي

للتغريبة آية

تتلوها النكبةُ من مآتمها

لوريثها الوحيد

في المنافي الباردة

بين هنا وهناك

لطخةٌ مهيبة في وجه الأبد الفارغ

عبثية المحاولة،

منذ حمل سيزيف صخرته،

حتى سقوطها بفعل قذيفة

Adjacent to my obsessions,

About lost identity

And between here and there


Except that the sides around me shrank;

To become a grave the size of my corpse

For alienation there is a verse

Recited by the Nakba at her funeral

For her only heirs

In cold exile

Between here and there

A grand splatter in the face of the empty infinitude,

The absurdity of effort,

since Sisyphus carrying his boulder

Until its descent  by means of a projectile


Ahmed M. Saleh, is a Palestinian from Gaza, living in Belgium but with family in Gaza. They have launched this crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise funds to ease and/or escape the devastating conditions they are experiencing during the current genocide being committed there by the Israeli government.

Your contribution, no matter how small, will bring his family one step closer to safety and security. If you are unable to contribute financially, your help in sharing and spreading the word, sharing this poetry, or any other fundraising effort would also be immensely valuable. 

You can send funds in solidarity via their campaign here:

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