seeing together in the dark matter of the image

 by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson  
In their “Notes towards a Vernacular Technology”, which opens their booklet Seeing Together in the Dark Matter of the Image, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson  write:
“How do we open up spaces for sharing thoughts and conversations that facilitate the creation of different ways of being together, talk-
ing, seeing, inhabiting the relation between “selves” and “others”?
How can we break free of the trap of individualistic, proprietorial subjectivities and move towards the construction of transversal, common visions?
How can we unmoor ourselves from normative models of time linked to productivity and efficiency to let in heterogeneous forces and multiple temporalities?”

The Dark Matter Cinema Tarot is part of a nomadic project that tries to confront some of these questions through the construc-tion of a new “vernacular technology”, a Tarot made of cinema stills. Travelling around the world, the artists summon “Nocturnal Committees” and invite participants to gather together to pose burning questions to the cards.  Sharing visions and speaking through cinema images, participants are invited to pursue together the alternative narratives and healing possibilities disclosed by the different constellations of figures, forms and forces resulting from each fall of the cards. Through a process of speculative description, collective fabulation and storytelling, each reading comes to form a singular montage of gestures, situations and relations. In recent years DMC Tarot readings have been held in different contexts in India, Armenia, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Scotland and the US.

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