seeing together in the dark matter of the image

 by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson  
In their Notes towards a Vernacular Technology, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson  write:
“How do we open up spaces for sharing thoughts and conversations that facilitate the creation of different ways of being together, talk-
ing, seeing, inhabiting the relation between “selves” and “others”? How can we break free of the trap of individualistic, proprietorial subjectivities and move towards the construction of transversal, common visions?
How can we unmoor ourselves from normative models of time linked to productivity and efficiency to let in heterogeneous forces and multiple temporalities?
What can we do to extricate ourselves from coloniality and capitalism so we can dream our own dream? And how can we refuse the kind of power “that has been refused to us”, and for which in any case we would have no use?
The Dark Matter Cinema Tarot is part of a broader research project that tries to confront some of these questions through the construction of a new tool of conviviality. An investigation that seeks ways of unlearning conventional uses of language as part of a collective effort to re-enchant collected images. 

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