Actions and Ecoversities Service Circles

The life and actions of the Ecoversities Alliance are generously supported by an assembly of Service Circles. These circles accompany and care for the internal as well as external processes of the network, they are like invisible mycelial threads or the microbiota that make life in the forest soil a possibility. Each of these service circles is stewarded by members of the alliance. As service circles, they are autonomous and able to make their own decisions, while simultaneously having unique roles and shared response-abilities with the wider ecoversities lifeshed.

Each circle nurtures its own essence, and is constantly evolving, with new learnings and gifts that each of its members share and bring forward into the center, expanding the collective intelligence and sensemaking of the alliance. They have their own offerings, seasonal cycles, kinship relationships and needs. Currently there are about 16 active service circles, some of these are supported by a small scholarship/gift economy, others are not. The service circles that receive funding are related to the administrative, maintenance, financial and communication needs of Ecoversities, including supporting open calls made available for learners and members of the alliance. There have been recent additions, such as the conflict composters, sensemaking and care, and more-than-human service circles.

Solidarity and Mutual Aid Opportunities

As a mycelial web of learners and communities around the world inquiring into solidarity, this space invites direct mutual aid support  between members of our relational networks.

Global & Regional Gatherings

Global Gatherings are one-week events, occurring every 12 to 18 months in a different continent each time (Portugal, August 2015, Costa Rica, February 2017, India, October 2018, Mexico, November 2019, Egypt, March 2022, South Africa, June 2023, and this year, Brazil).  Organized as an ‘un-conference’ or ‘emergent gathering’, these meetings are conceived as loose processes that leave time for sharing and co-creating with self-organized sessions and open-spaces, in order to allow us to learn from different approaches and traditions of facilitation, and to honour the knowledge that comes from emergence.

Regional Gatherings

Ecoversities Regional Gatherings are multi-day and/or week-long gatherings to exchange and cross-pollinate between eco-versity partners from a specific geographic or cultural region, in order to  strengthen the relationships among members, communities and contexts within these regions. The objective of these gatherings is to learn from one another, as well as plan and implement common actions, as is already happening in India, as well as Latin America.  Four Regional Gatherings have taken place so far: 4 in India in 2017, 2018 (2), 2019;  2 in Hawaii in July 2018; 2 in Latinamerica (Mexico 2018 and Ecuador 2019), Africa has had 1 in 2019, Arab region  has had 1.

Pollination & Learning Visits between Ecoversities projects

We support 1-2 months long research visits and residencies among  people and projects part who are part of the Alliance, to learn together and support each other. In 2018, six exchange visits where supported involving eco-versities in: Romania/Mexico; USA/Mexico; Mexico/Peru; Honduras/Mexico.

Publications and Dissemination

The Alliance has generated  creation of books, pamphlets, podcasts and videos on topics concerned with concepts, values and practices espoused by Eco-versities’, as a way to deepen the reflection about reimagining education, knowledges production and circulation, decolonized pedagogies, the struggle of learning and different epistemologies and ecologies. A link to these publications and others produced by the Alliance’s  members can be found here:

Regional Networks and Collaborative Projects

Within the network, the regions are putting energy and effort in their websites to co-create together around what emerges in their territories.

Indian Multiversities Alliance: 
Ecoversidades América Latina:

Germinating Projects

The Alliance offers support and seed funding to jump start projects that can eventually transform into full Ecoversities.