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Radical Pedagogies as Living Experiments and Messy Affairs

I am just returning from the Indian Multiversities Alliance gathering, recently held in Nagpur, India, co-created by over 30 radical higher education projects from around the country. Every year, more than 5,000 autonomous learners attend programs hosted by the Multiversities across India, which seek to de-center, pluralize, regenerate, and connect diverse learning processes, types of

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Learning to learn in a context of war

Notes on the 1st Ecoversities gathering in Tamera, Portugal Compas:[1] The memories of our encounter still resonate in my mind and in my heart. I still need to process many things. The hassle of everyday life has caught me, and it is always complicated for me to sit and write my feelings/thoughts (sentipensamientos), but I did

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Insurgent Learning and Convivial Research: Universidad de la Tierra, Califas

Knowledge production has increasingly become central to emancipatory projects. More and more people in struggle recognize the importance of learning and research as an essential part of movement and also an essential part of those moments of the future in the present across the globe. Alongside the serial protests and convergences of the 1990s and

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