Reflections from the Third Asian Ecoversities Regional Gathering in Nepal, May 11 – 16, 2024

The Asia Ecoverse reunited in the heart of Nepal for their third Regional Gathering with 40 participants from 8 countries around the world, 5 days filled with the spirit of unity and collaboration, they were received by the King’s College Community in Kathmandu and the Royal Beach Camp in Bagmati, where they entered into communion with the mountains and the flowing of an ancient river, the river Trichuli, a riverversity, and witnessed the emergence of new friendships. The rich heritage and colors of Nepal accompanied this fantastic gathering, which our friends share in these little reflections. Enjoy!

“The 5 day un-conferencing was a glimpse to the future of what life could happen where learning and living is unseperable. It was experiencing hands-on, what a week on our aspired future Ecoversities facility will feel like. It was like finally seeing the light on the end of a tunnel. I now know what will or could happen in the learning space of the future. I have lived the future, glimpsed the unlearning, graduated out of the degree. I got guided to a unguided world.”
Shail Sathi, Nepal
"Attending Ecoversity's alternative education un-conference was a mind, heart and joy expanding experience. Meeting like-minded people, sharing deep insights about our eco/alternative worlds, being present to other's and our own challenges and strengths shifted my perception and understanding in a wonderful way. Open Secret Treasures gave me a chance to explore people's work and message in a experiential way. It also gave me a chance to share my work and message in Macrobiotics. This helped me to make and receive active and matching suggestions for our respective work and projects. Besides these value creating/sharing sessions, we had amazing games and bonding activities thru the day beautifully organized by the King's College team, and Ecoversity members. Octopus tank was a brilliant session to initiate action to receive and give visible gifts within the community. King's College as well as the Royal Beach Camp made super hosts to let all of the above happen with more ease and flow. The beautiful nature-stunning backdrop at RBC made everything more spirited and magical. Deep gratitude and blessings to all the organisers and attendees - thank you for this experience. A special thanks to Manish and Vidhi for holding space for such a movement to exist and grow in this world. Your vision and action is truly appreciated by all of us."
Tarika Ahuja
"This gathering deepen the feeling of community in me. The community here valued the vision and work of Bhaktiversity and made commitment to support. This gathering made me confident about my next venture . Lots of me time in nature, dialogue with beautiful hearts and souls, spaces for reflection and contemplation, rafting, swiming, games, healthy and soulful food - all healed and nurtured me . River, sand, sky and mountain sang a song for me - I am inside them and they are inside me. I heard the music of magic in nature. Nepal's loving hosting, the surreal beauty of nature in the place, the loving open hearts of all our companions - gave us the confidence that if a world of unconditional love is possible for a week, it can also be possible forever; where there can be diversity but yet we can live in oneness. Thank you Ecoversity, kings college team, Nepal, Ram and his team, Manish Bhai, Vidhi and all the beautiful souls."
Bhaktiversity, India
"Dear Ecoversitians! I carried this quote by Einstein in my thoughts while being present at the gathering- We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. The Ecoversities meet became an opportunity to reimagine the education from the beginning. To be able to examine each and every condition, rule, aspiration, and goal set by the prevailing system. To see the intensity of joyful connectivity bloom with oneself, one's community, and every living and inanimate being. The gathering for me reflected these thoughts in many ways. In the World Cafe, I saw each discussion to be a liberating free space to be vulnerable and creative at the same time for the founders. Each of the slotted and impromptu OSTs were irresistible, and only JOMO could rescue me from not being able to attend each of them. It was an amazing opportunity for me to host Octopus Tank, and see many desires getting expressed and nurtured in a matter of minutes. The setting of RCB proved to be a fertile space for this journey, which allowed me to approach each interaction at my own pace, leaving the performance anxiety out. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the Ecoversities, King's College, and RCB teams for creating this beautiful confluence."
Manas Arvind, Gurgaon Organic Farmers Market
"The stay, food was well organized when I reached there. Thanks I knew the organizing team so came with lots of love and excitement. The first day: Bus on time Newar music for welcome and such a warm welcome. Music travelled with us to the 6 th floor was a very warming gesture . The Newar food, dance, Kumari dance was a whole exposure to the culture there. I am also glad we were able to see presentations of work of different people helping us to give back to the earth. At Royal beach: We went there and thank you for giving us the life of nature to live in, the activities like Octopus tank, seeing documentary of each other's work and connecting with each other including OST, games, mentoring sessions!! and learning swimming, learning kayaking and the biggest of all was to experience Rafting. Connection with a river, Trishuli was a heartful lifelong experience which will help me open up for other rivers to water to its analysis and connection with other gross and subtle changes I can do or bring to work towards the rivers health. Thank you all who were involved for taking care of our transport, accomodation, food, fruits, deep experience to Newar culture and Trishuli experience."
Dr. Ridhi Jindal
"In just four days of interaction, I connected with over 40 individuals, gaining insights into their work, philosophies, passions, and the challenges they face. This conference was an incredible opportunity to not only understand different projects but also to identify areas where I could contribute. In return, my new friends generously offered their support for my programs. This has been one of the most productive gatherings I've ever attended. The location was mesmerizing, and the conference schedule was thoughtfully organized. It wasn't too packed, allowing participants ample time to get to know each other and foster meaningful collaborations. I recognize that the journey towards a new education system is long and challenging, but connecting with like-minded individuals from across Asia has given me confidence that we are on the right track. I am looking forward to attending future gatherings with my team members."
Yogesh Kulkarni, Vigyan Ashram, India.
"Adi my 10 year old son and I are on a learning Yatra and we are grateful to meet so many amazing people doing amazing work. We leave with lots of insipiration and love I was very excited to be at the Ecoversities Asia gathering. I loved the game octopus Tank where I could pitch my idea and got support from so many people. Being a 10 year old free learner, I feel part of a big loving community. - Adi (10 year old )"
Priyanka Modi
"Dear Ecoversities Community, Our recent gathering was truly inspiring, filled with learning, heartfelt conversations, and deep personal connections. Highlights included chanting mantras and singing during our hilltop hike and riverbank rafting, which reinforced our bond with nature. The silent dinner by the river further deepened our connection with each other and the environment. Inspired by these experiences, we plan to incorporate similar practices into our Riverversity program. By emphasizing gratitude, silent reflection, and mindful engagement, we aim to strengthen our community and our connection with nature. Thank you for being part of this journey. Let’s continue to nurture our bonds with nature and each other. Best regards. "
Ram Simwal, Royal Beach Camp, Nepal
"For me this gathering was a motivation, a support system.meeting with all and listening the stories of all recharged my self. I never met with Gandhi and Vinobha but I found them in our gathering. Meeting with Madhu Bhai and Medha Di inspired me towards spiritual journey. being with Yogesh Ji I found that technology is not about big inventions, how daily life operation can be solved by the technology and research. This gathering has shaped me in my self transformation journey. Closing ceremony and silent dinner and the rituals I can never forget 🙏 Thank you everyone, thank you ecoversity team, thank you Kings College Team, Ram Bhai. Lots of love from Farmversity 💐🙏"
Karan Singh
Farmversity Jhadol, India
"Deeply inspired by the sheer diversity of the dreamers, designers and doers of a paradigm shift in what learning of the future needs to be. And being around them leaves me no doubt that the future is already here, as I heard the true stories of so many amazing initiatives. Simply being around these dreamers who are reimagining life anew, and the flowing Trishuli river, has cleansed my soul and uncovered some long forgotten personal dreams of my own. I am leaving full of energy to reimagine new learning initiatives in my organization, and to collaborate with and contribute to some of the projects that have resonated with me. Deeply grateful for this gatherings that are sacred medicine."
Sheetal Sanghvi
"As I reflect on those five days, I am filled with gratitude and hope. For me, it was more than just a meeting of minds and sharing ideas/projects. It was a union of hearts and souls, united by a vision of a better future for every soul on the planet. Since it was my first experience with ecoversity, I was more observing and learning rather than sharing my own thoughts or ideas, if I had any 🙂 . I left the gathering with a renewed sense of optimism and a deep appreciation for the incredible individuals I had the pleasure of meeting with. Their ideas, passion, and divinity have left an indelible mark on my heart, and I am eager to continue this journey of reimagining education together. Om Shanti"
Prabin Niraula
“The gathering created a space of silence, reflection and connections for me. The dance, songs and stories intertwined our hearts. I experienced a non judgemental field where I can be completely myself and offer my gifts unconditionally. Healing would come to me from people and spaces I had least expected and mostly at the right time. I experienced the power of a community/sangha which learns, supports and lives together. It was a beautiful setting to be on a digital detox and look at how we are using the most important resource, time. Beyond the four walls of a classroom, here was a space expanding in the lap of nature, where my soul was rejoicing. Head, heart and hands were coming together to create a learning which was experiential, especially on the raft. Thanks to Manas ji for facilitating the Octopus tank where we could look at wealth in an abundant way. Gratitude to Manish bhaiya, Harsh, Kings College for organising this beautiful experience. Special thanks to Ram ji whose sense of humour coupled with clarity of direction, dexterity in action and empathy in heart makes him an amazing leader. He is a leading example of making learning happen in an experiential way. Nature has so much to offer, only if we open our eyes, ears and hearts to it."
"These gatherings... To awaken through action a new era through a new aura... One that speaks to each as One... Through a spectrum of Color, of Light... of Play… And shifts our consciousness in how we educate to elevate... Where content and intent are aligned... Ushering in a new age - a Human Age... With the definition of humanity inclusive of All. Spread the word…. Be the action… Lead the Way… (...) The hospitality of local people moved me a lot, Rams intentions of Riverversity moves me a lot, masti yoga with soul brothers pumped a new energy, and meeting people who still speaks with nature gives me hope that we can still live in that world what our ancestors and masters guided us  And eternal grateful for each one of your presence for contributing new gift and new spark 🧨. Light to each one of your journey,  love to all discovery. Until we meet again… ❤️🤗"
Diken Patel, Swaraj Jail University, India

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