Alternative Technology

TEN (The Emergence Network)

TEN (The Emergence Network) is a fugitive, underground network of social artists seeking to create new openings to age-old problems. We aim to disrupt dominant modes of perception, engagement, and responsiveness in a time of crisis by disturbing modern notions of justice, power, and human agency. This is the work of postactivism, a concept developed …

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Spring Academy

Spring Academy was born in 2015 out of research into educational reform in Greece and anywhere where educational choice is limited. This research was, and continues to be, in collaboration with educational reform experts and organisations from all over the world. The learning that takes place is: embodied, the body is fully involved ecological, founded …

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At Nav Gurukul, students are equipped with skills to pursue aspirational jobs like software engineering. To keep up with the industry and modern skills, Nav Gurukul uses online courses available and augmenting the same with contextual examples relevant for our students. Students are thus trained on modern day technologies, stacks and soft skills like critical/creative …

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