At Nav Gurukul, students are equipped with skills to pursue aspirational jobs like software engineering. To keep up with the industry and modern skills, Nav Gurukul uses online courses available and augmenting the same with contextual examples relevant for our students. Students are thus trained on modern day technologies, stacks and soft skills like critical/creative thinking & problem solvingThey choose to join the mainstream workforce or stay back in their communities and work remotely on opportunities which are made available to them. They become socio-economic centers in their families & communities. Students use their skills to solve the problems that are plaguing their communities. From making simple apps to learn english to social network for farmers, alumni are playing big roles in bringing technology to their communities. Alumni will be an inspiration and examples for locals to understand how learning & opportunities are getting reinvented through Internet. NavGurukul’s emphasis on individual learning through technology and a full time facilitator ensures that no student stays behind. Industry thus gets access to first-rate talent without incurring high costs to find the needles in the haystack.

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