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What We Can Learn from the Student Protesters?

by Maura Stephens and Alessandra Pomarico Most living things and virtually all of the freshwater in the Palestinian Occupied Territories have been destroyed. Photo from University of British Columbia by sierra ying allen/ Ecoversities Like others around the world, we’ve been watching as neoliberal and corporate-controlled universities repress, silence, and violate peaceful protesters who are

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Voices, Sounds and Colors: A Splendid Procession to Save the Arneo Forest

The demonstration in defense of one of the last forests of Salento, threatened by the expansion project of Porsche’s Nardò Technical Center, took place on Saturday afternoon in Lecce. Numerous people responded to the forest’s cry for help, launched by the Guardians of the Arneo Forest Committee, organizer of the procession. People of all ages

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Reflections from the Third Asian Ecoversities Regional Gathering in Nepal, May 11 – 16, 2024

The Asia Ecoverse reunited in the heart of Nepal for their third Regional Gathering with 40 participants from 8 countries around the world, 5 days filled with the spirit of unity and collaboration, they were received by the King’s College Community in Kathmandu and the Royal Beach Camp in Bagmati, where they entered into communion with the mountains and the flowing of an ancient river, the river Trichuli, a riverversity, and witnessed the emergence of new friendships. The rich heritage and colors of Nepal accompanied this fantastic gathering, which our friends share in these little reflections. Enjoy!

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In a parallel world

It was possible for these birds,

Which feed on the trash of the universe in Gaza

And drown in a river of exhaustion and darkness

And their bodies smashed beneath the rain of hunger

And rising smoke dust

From the chimney of the relentless massacre

To win prizes in physics, mathematics, and literature

And the various sports

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The futility of effort

Adjacent to my obsessions,

About lost identity

And between here and there


Except that the sides around me shrank;

To become a grave the size of my corpse

For alienation there is a verse

Recited by the Nakba at her funeral

For her only heirs

In cold exile

Between here and there

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Pain creates prophets

This lunacy is larger than you my love

Its harshness

Its fatal sins

That the delicacy of your untarnished hands can’t endure

Your palms that hold the country’s oranges

A beauty mark on your waist

And your hair strewn

Over the shoulders of truth

has the saltiness of the sea

And the scent of mud

and the sweetness of both

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Before the war crushes my heart

Seventy five years

Gnawed upon by hyenas

Of green and blue and red

And the colour of our nations within us

Seventy five years

Since the dawning of Gaza’s only sigh

The sights like a river rushing into the mouths of her children

With the missiles of an f16

And so the nation poured from it drop after drop

Since the child in us ceased to question

And, panting, began to stretch out his fingers and dry throats

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