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La Nada – Ecoversities Germinator Fund’s report

As of last Year, we’ve received a couple of Funds Related to our Volunteer Program. Funds have been Used for both the building of the space and the food and services for volunteer Programs. We built good foundations for the Volunteers and apprentice household. Building Advances Two Biodigestor 3x5m with three compartments for bacteria and

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Germinator Fund Report – Instituto Favela da Paz 2021

Introduction Instituto Favela da Paz’s purpose is “to be of service to the world we dream of”, fostering a sense of community, creativity, collaboration, and purpose of life among the inhabitants of the periferia. Situated in Jardim Angela, the extreme South of São Paulo, which the UN declared in the 1990s to be one of

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Ecoversities Afrikan Region Online Gathering 2020

On the 28, 29 and 30th of November, 2020, we hosted the Regional Afrikan Gathering. The event accommodated conversations for 2hours a day as well as holding space for the afterparties. The soul intention that I felt extremely key was that of connection, resonance and weaving between projects and explorations throughout the Afrikan region. We

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