La Nada – Ecoversities Germinator Fund’s report

As of last Year, we’ve received a couple of Funds Related to our Volunteer Program. Funds have been Used for both the building of the space and the food and services for volunteer Programs. We built good foundations for the Volunteers and apprentice household.

Building Advances

  • Two Biodigestor 3x5m with three compartments for bacteria and decomposition of fecal matter of the grounds that will be sent to a banana and bamboo pond. Also to be used as the foundation for a shared kitchen. Net Cost- 45thousand pesos
  • Industrial Kitchen required for feeding large groups. Also hoping to have a restaurant cafe on the side in the future to serve as an income for the project and to minimize costs of volunteer programs.
  • Volunteer facilities such as mosquito nets, dry toilets, air mattresses, hardware tools, plates glasses and other appliances. Roughly a cost of 30thausand pesos.
  • Water harvest roof directed to a cistern sized filter and then to a tank of water of 5 thousand liter capacity Net cost of 72 thousand pesos.


Volunteer program

Our volunteer program has expanded its scope during this year. From being a purely natural construction program, we have been plunged into activities for the town and the public space. We’ve made ties with the municipality and other activist groups and created a good sized brigade. We´ve had the chance to be invited into

  • Monthly beach cleanup brigades
  • Residue municipal plan for recycling and reducing the trash that goes to the landfill
  • Water filter for local houses that have sewers directed to the river
  • local tropical tree reforestations and maintenance

This adds up to our artivism and natural building courses.

Our capacity to receive the human workforce has broadened our opportunities for social activations and our programs. This has attracted different organizations, some of them like Na Luúm permaculture. They will host a permaculture design and water harvest program here in la Nada in May. The Municipality now has opened their criteria to let us manage a residue program based on volunteers. And now we are currently hosting a pigmentation and natural bases and finishings program creating a big mural participating with the wildlife protection services of the Oaxacan Coast and being sponsored by Oxical limestone productor from Oaxaca city the materials to perform this.

It’s a Matter of weeks that we release a short film of the advances and vision for the future. We will make sure to Include Ecoversities Germinator fund in this and send it to you so that you can perceive the advances.

We invite you to check our instagram and facebook portals so that you can get access to pictures and videos of the activities being hosted, ill leave some pictures here as well.

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