Ecoversities Afrikan Region Online Gathering 2020

On the 28, 29 and 30th of November, 2020, we hosted the Regional Afrikan Gathering. The event accommodated conversations for 2hours a day as well as holding space for the afterparties. The soul intention that I felt extremely key was that of connection, resonance and weaving between projects and explorations throughout the Afrikan region.

We Reached out to over 150 various projects throughout Afrika, from these invitations we received a response from around 70 projects, of which 26 committed to attending and only around 20 attended.

The responses received were all the way from Cape to Cairo, from various communities and individuals from a range of educational institutions as well as indigenous earthworks projects.

Our conversations were held by multiple themes and questions, e.g. What was suppressed and what emerged during this time of the Pandemic? What is space to you? How does your process influence your Space, Policies, and Ideological Apparatuses and the Reimagining of Afrika through reclaiming and restoring elements of validation? 

We also had the ability to relate this topic to various Afrikan Foods as well as Dancing and exploring new forms of Dance that have shown up in the Southern Afrikan Region.

In Reflection of this gathering, I do realize that there is definitely a need for amplified weaving energy in our region. Energy to hold space and to allow for synergies and invitations for collaboration. I am also sensitive to the complexity of our times and how my perceptions of how to raise the vibration of collaborations and networks in our region is a complex meditation, as the weight of capital demands limits ideation and experimentation beyond capitalism. What will be emerging over the next few years in our region as I consider my practice and meditation to be that of sharing, weaving and connecting spaces in-between spaces.

I am extremely excited about exploring and working in a space of weaving and connecting to strengthen relationships, communities, projects, and gatherings in our Afrikan Region.

Video Archives of the Gathering

Financial Aid Report

Resources dedicated for the gathering got split between Data for the host as well as for participants that needed aid in the form of data to connect.

A laptop was needed to host the gathering as we had no functional device to pursue the gathering.

Taking the diversity in languages we made use of the services of a translator to assist with any communication barriers that we would have faced.

The total Received from the ecoversity totaled R5200

Collective Data usage totaled:    R1779

Contribution to Laptop:  R2277

Translating service: R450

Total: R4506

Difference R700

Do reach out if there is any clarity needed, What a crazy project to organize especially taking our times it been a great honour, thanks for this opportunity to host this powerful gathering.

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