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Learning Otherwise

What might Learning look like if it were at the service of our diverse ecologies, cultures and ways of knowing, economies, spiritualities, in our planetary home?

LEARNING OTHERWISE is a journey that explores this question.

LEARNING OTHERWISE makes audible the silent learning revolution happening all around the world offering stories and tools of hope, imagination and possibility that take us beyond this time of multiple crises.Through monthly conversations with leading practitioners and thinkers re-imagining learning and education, we hear about experiments in learning that are emerging from indigenous communities, social and ecological movements and other sites of innovation, including universities, colleges and schools in all corners of the world.

About the series

LEARNING OTHERWISE is hosted by Udi Mandel, one of the co-founders of the Ecoversities Alliance. Like the Ecoversities Alliance, this podcast series weaves a tapestry of voices from around the world that are shaping this new and diverse learning ecology. The conversations in this series are with leading thinkers, practitioners and innovators from all around the world who share their stories, ideas and insights on how they are and we can all transform learning and our educational institutions for all our mutual flourishing.

A forerunner to this podcast series, which tied together some of the initial strands of the Ecoversities Alliance, was the Enlivened Learning project, which  produced (and is still producing) a series of collaborative films (Re-learning the Land: A Story of Red Crow College and Re-learning Hope: A Story of Unitierra) and includes a rich archive of wonderful interviews with education leaders from around the world. Some of these interviews have been edited and are also being offered as part of this series.