The Soil Project

the soil project

Organized by VCIL Community, The Soil Project is an international alternative education and gap year project for young people that takes place in many countries across Asia – Africa. As the name implies, along with the soil’s educational philosophy, the project aims to provide the foundation, community, and resources needed for learners on their journey to understand themselves inside and explore and serve the outside world. The Soil Project is a self-directed education program with semi-structure design.

Part of the program will be researched and designed by the coordinator, part of it will be determined by participants

In practice, each learning module comprise of:

  • Part 1 (about 2-3 months): Structured Curriculum: The seeds (learners) will participate in the curriculum/experience designed by the coordinator or by the learners themselves.
  • Part 2 (about 2-3 months): Self Learning Journey: Seeds will actively choose and design their own learning program, experience, internship, travel, etc. They can choose to stay on “campus”, visit family, work, travel for experiences, internships, personal projects, and so on. According to their need and phase of development.
  • Part 3 (about 1 month): Reflection and Sharing: Seeds gather and share their journeys, experiences, and skills to peers that they gain from their personal journey.

The Soil Project creates a space for seeds to self-explore and understand themselves as well as become changemakers to create a happy and sustainable society. It will have 4 main modules spanning various locations in Asia:

(1) Self-Understanding – Body and Mind Cultivation. Take place in Vietnam and Thailand (Expected).

(2) Sustainable Living and Development. Take place in Thailand (Expected).

(3) Rethinking development, paradigm Shift and Future World. Take place in India and another North East Asia/South East Asia country (Expected).

(4) Entrepreneurship. Take place in a country of the seed’s choice (Expected).

The details of each module and cost can be viewed here:

In addition, with an extensive and continuously expanding network of partners and many years of experience from coordinators, the seeds at The Soil Project also have options for studying, exchanging, practicing, working, and visiting in many organizations, communities, and businesses in different cultures based on their needs. It could be the discovery of Tanzanian wilderness, or tracing the history of human civilization with Pharaohs and Pyramids in Egypt. These may be the days of living in the diversity of the Indian “subcontinent,” witnessing the grandeur and sustainable lifestyles of the Ladakhis people as well as the overall philosophy of national happiness in Bhutan. Or even walking down a road lined with autumn leaves in Korea is romantic, but it also makes one concerned about the path of economic growth that is bringing various problems to the society here. Whether it’s the Middle East and North Africa’s Muslim countries, Israel-Palestine conflicts and Arab states, or the issue of peace on the Korean Peninsula, learning at The Soil Project will motivate you and give you the opportunity to journey through your discovery.

Language: both English and Vietnamese (however, the possibility of English input is not required, English learning can take place in parallel with the program)


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