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We connect grassroots experiences across continents, sharing stories from the frontline of the social and environmental crises, and inspirational stories and strategies to build skills, hope and resilience. We support the emergence of the next generation of indigenous leaders, with the calling, critical awareness, skills and love of their culture to defend and look after their territories. We help create the conditions for leaders and communities to take informed action, and in turn to become catalysts: supporting others to take action; accelerating positive change; growing movements.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Next Generation Leadership: We create unique trainings for indigenous youth, focused on awakening their calling to defend their territories and providing them with the skills to facilitate participatory processes grounded in their own cultures.

Toolkits for Critical Education: We produce and disseminate videos, manuals, and other tools to build the capacity of local organisers; and empower communities to make informed decisions about their futures and campaign effectively to defend their rights and shape their destinies.

Self-determined development: We promote, share and pilot approaches for communities to vision, plan and determine their futures. We do this by supporting exchanges; producing educational resources; nurturing self-determined development processes and building the capacity of indigenous facilitators to support self-determined development in indigenous territories.

Indigenous Education: We support the propagation of education that is developed in indigenous territories; rooted in the knowledge systems and practices of the ancestors; and helping communities address the challenges of today. We support the promotion and spread of indigenous education through exchanges and skillshares, producing tools, mentoring pioneers, and supporting movements to develop their criteria for implementation..


Researching and Sharing Approaches / Producing Tools and Resources

  • Producing and distributing videos, guides and other resources for empowerment as key tools for building the capacity of local movement-builders.
  • Researching and developing approaches and best practice, among others for critical awareness raising, community visioning and self-determined development.
  • Facilitating, researching and sharing new analysis of systemic issues affecting communities, with a view to moving the thinking forward.

Training movements, organisers, facilitators

  • Accompany communities as they explore and put into practice these approaches.
  • Training youth, women, leaders.
  • Mentoring alumni of trainings.
  • Facilitating skillshares to ensure accelerated practitioner learning.
  • Training of trainers in indigenous movements, and help to build training programmes.

Sharing and Piloting Approaches, and Hosting Exchanges

  • Sharing and promoting approaches to self-determined development through pilot Life Plan projects.
  • Hosting and facilitating international and national exchanges.
  • Building partnership and long-term relationships with organisations, movements and networks to support movement-building.
  • Sharing what we are learning with others through online resources and social media, in film festivals, and through conferences, seminars and talks.

The Drill Hall
36 Dalmeny Street
United Kingdom

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