Complexity University

We are a community focused on learning how to tackle the world’s most complex social, environmental and political challenges. Complexity University offers courses -and community- to guide and accompany you on your journey into complexity leadership. We will equip you with the practices, relationships, and inner resources needed to be effective at tackling our world’s greatest challenges.


We are not a conventional university*.

At the heart of everything we do is practice. Signing up to one of our courses is a little like joining a gym. You’re going to have to actually exercise your muscles, not simply watch from a comfortable chair and take notes.

Tackling complex challenges is a collective effort. This means that we invite you to practice in teams. Working in teams is hard. It requires effort and practice. It requires emotional labour.

All our courses are live, which means no canned lectures and no passive learning.

Our group sessions are participatory, with plenty of interaction and space for discussion.

*(Hint, we invite you to leave your expectations at the door.)


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