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We are a social education organization that strengthens people’s capacity to transform their reality. Learning to transform is what moves our speeches, courses and experiences of short, medium or long-term length, such as Guerreiros Sem Armas, Elos New Leaders, Oasis Experience, Oasis Training, and Oasis in Education, all of which have the Elos Philosophy and Oasis Game as their foundation. We believe that the path to realize the world we all dream of is one of transformation in community. We ourselves live a process of community development, just as we develop tools and methodologies that stimulate other projects for people and communities in the world.

Santos, Brazil

Everything that we do has the Elos Philosophy as its foundation, a philosophy which seeks to create a scenario of abundance and recognize the talents and resources available for turning collective dreams into reality.

We have a methodology that brings together and addresses local needs, and that recognizes the potential of every individual person and community in a loving way.  This allows for the formation of bonds that create authentic spaces of connection and action.

It can be applied in different areas, from a public or private sector project that seeks to stimulate community actions to together with people who want to learn new methodologies and want to be part of a global transformation movement.


We are building a new reality connected to the values that we want to bring to the world.

The power of communities:  we unite people around a common dream to build something real; this allows them to learn how to access diversity in an environment of dialogue, compassion and creativity.

Collective Intelligence:  we believe that knowledge is everywhere.  It is impossible for a single individual to know everything, but we believe that everyone knows something.  Identify, welcome and value the wisdom that each of us carries with us – this is the way that we have found to build new ways of learning and taking action.

Paradigm of abundance:  we live in a world dominated by a notion of scarcity – that there is not enough for everyone and that we must fight over the little that we do have.  The good news is that there is another model that proves that living with abundance, beyond just being desirable, is truly possible.

The result of our work are communities with greater capacity for articulation and protagonism, due to stronger ties and shared experiences, through the following:

  • We realize a living experience of transformation and learning that can be expanded and applied to broader social questions of the world.
  • We increase people’s self-confidence and self-esteem, creating a positive cycle of practical learning about oneself, about others and about transforming reality with abundance.
  • We drive real transformation, reducing tension and social discomfort.
  • We improve the quality of coexistence and wellbeing in communities.
  • We create openings for dialogue and the growth of affectionate and trusting relationships that are the foundation for local development projects.

Rua Marechal Hermes, 37 – Boqueirão – Santos – SP – Brasil

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