Gaia U Latina/ ERES

Gaia U Latina is a learning community, a network of students (world changers), mentors (teachers & elders) and Training Centers (living campuses) connected by the passion and purpose of co-creating a Buen Vivir, regenerating ecosystems and communities, actively experimenting, documenting and implementing solutions for the Great Change in Chile and Latin America.

Cabrero, Chile

Gaia U Latina is a living university without walls, an ecoversity that crosses borders, like a un-institution, which seeks to encourage a global intentional community of apprentices and enthusiastic and thoughtful apprentices, focused on ecological regeneration and social justice. Our work started in 2008

We are Incubating a Culture of Ecosocial Regeneration in Chile and Latin America, catalyzing Ecosystems of Change and Action by training Leaders and Change Agents, designing and implementing Regenerative Projects, experimenting for Organizational coherence, nurturing Support Circles, activating Regional Nodes for Regeneration and developing Indicators for learnings, outcomes and impact.

Our approach is based on the perspective that your life, your passions, your projects, your vision – and the changing contexts in which they develop – are the best to catalyze your learning needs.

Services: Globally online and with presencial trainings and internships from ERES Network of Educational Centers in Latinamerica


Reserva Fundo El Manzano, lote 1, Cabrero, Chile.


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