Eco-village Transition Asia

Eco-village Transition Asia is a small initiative by a small group of like-minded people, promoting a transition to redesigned rural and urban environments and coexisting with nature harmoniously with the intention that it will lead to a more conscientious, empowered and spiritually rooted Asian society.

Bangkok, Thailand

The Eco-village Transition Asia brings together relentless eco-social activism and first-rate business management in the face of the ecological, social and spiritual crisis that people are facing today. Asia has come to the world’s attention in many senses. For the Eco-village, the most important aspect of Asia is her potential and actual contributions in non-anthropocentric paradigm deeply rooted in her diverse cultural and spiritual traditions. Through the establishment of its space and programming, the Eco-village is doing its part to help Asian society advance into the future in a way that is sustainable, ethical and ultimately beneficial for all. This is accomplished by encouraging the adoption of, and providing consulting and training for, forward thinking policies including renewable energy, green architecture, food security, IT access and sustainable economic practices.


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