Kufunda Village

Kufunda is a learning centre in Zimbabwe, dedicated to learning what it takes to build healthy and vibrant community and creating a space where people can recover their sense of pride, wisdom, and capacity in working with their own knowledge and deepening their resourcefulness.

Kufunda, Zimbabwe

Kufunda began almost fifteen years ago when Maaianne Knuth, founder of Kufunda, was drawn by her experience of her Zimbabwean home as being rich and alive, and yet also seeing that many people there saw first and foremost that which they did not have. Her experiences led her to create Kufunda as a place of learning.

Today, there are 28 people who live and work at Kufunda with families in an on-going learning of what it means to live and co-create healthy vibrant community. To this end different Kufundees are engaged in many different aspects including permaculture, organic farming, herbal remedies, eco-building, renewable energy and working with children. Most Kufundees are facilitators and hosts of learning and co-creation. At Kufunda, it is believed that change begins with conscious and confident people coming together to explore what matters most to them.


Kufunda Village
P.O. Box 963, Harare, Zimbabwe.

+263 777 627 352

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