The Social Science Centre, Lincoln

The Social Science Centre, Lincoln is a free, co-operative center for higher education, organized on democratic, non-hierarchical principles, offering study and research opportunities in the social sciences at the undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels.

Lincoln, UK

The SSC, Lincoln was born in 2010, out of a desire to preserve public space for social science education and research, and to address the concern for a system of higher education that is increasingly oriented towards satisfying the perceived needs and highly competitive, profit-driven motives of business and industry.The Centre is especially designed for people of any age who do not wish to take on the burden of student tuition currently imposed by the government, but do wish to undertake a higher level of education studying the core subjects of the social sciences. SSC believes that higher learning oriented towards intellectual values of critical thinking, experimentation, sharing, peer review, co-operation, collaboration, openness, debate and constructive disagreement point towards a better future for us all. The center works to create alternative spaces of higher education whose purpose, societal value and existence do not depend on the decisions of the powerful.




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