CACAO, Autonomous Cooperative of Sharing and Learning in Oaxaca, is a cooperative that seeks food autonomy through the production of artisan chocolate along the principles of self-management, mutual support and solidarity.

Oaxaca, Mexico

At CACAO, chocolate is synonymous with rebelliousness, and the production of chocolate is a form of rebellion. The cooperative began in November of 2013 and aims to construct a horizontal structure and foster mutual aid and reciprocity. CACAO emphasizes learning through sharing and doing, and innovating techniques based on traditional knowledge systems or other sources of knowledge. Some areas of knowledge that are collectively focused on are food sovereignty, autonomy, defense of the territory, learning with children, criticism of salaried work, critic of patriarchy, critic of the capitalist system, social economy and autogestión (“self-management”)


Morelos 403, 68000, Centro, Oaxaca, México.


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