Schumacher College

Schumacher College is an alternative university focused on transformative, experiential learning to help facilitate social and ecological change.

Devon, England

Schumacher College, founded in 1991, attracts students from almost 90 countries round the world who come to study on short courses or join immersive postgraduate programmes. Students learn in small class-sizes and live and work together in community. There is an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ rather than the approach in traditional institutions of ‘chalk and talk’. Schumacher College offers students an interactive and experiential education to develop the practical skills and strategic thinking required to tackle many of challenges facing the planet in the 21st Century. The College has a reputation for nature-based learning around ecology and sustainability. Students work in small groups which embrace the learning principles of head, hand and heart, an integral part of College life in the classroom, the gardens and the kitchen.


Schumacher College, The Old Postern, Dartington Estate, Dartington, Devon, TQ9 6EA.

+44 (0) 1803 84 7212

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