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What is Industrial education? – Nariman Moustafa do we trust dehumanizing institutions with our education more than we trust ourselves? How has the global industrial education system disempowered us? Self-Directed Education (SDE) advocate and educator, Nariman Moustafa, gives us a stark picture of what “education” has come to mean.  When we understand how this system has trapped us, we can begin

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Learning Journey for Climate Resilience – South Devon Bioregion

Climate change has been called ‘the long emergency’. Resistant as humans are to change, and often fearful of the unknown, we now have a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate what humanity can be at its best, if we are able to find agency. By agency we mean ability to take action in a generative way to

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THE ECOVERSITIES STARTUP KIT – developed by India members

Each of us, individually and collectively, are capable of self-designing and selforganizing our own learning programs, learning communities and learning ecosystems. We need to reclaim our capacities to decolonize, generate and share knowledge. We need to re-open wisdom dialogues about development, progress, technology, equality, freedom and the good life.  This document is a supportive guide to setting up your

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