What is Industrial education? – Nariman Moustafa

Why do we trust dehumanizing institutions with our education more than we trust ourselves? How has the global industrial education system disempowered us? Self-Directed Education (SDE) advocate and educator, Nariman Moustafa, gives us a stark picture of what “education” has come to mean. 

When we understand how this system has trapped us, we can begin to reclaim the real meaning of education. 🙌💪 Nariman is a social innovation consultant and visionary educator based in Cairo, Egypt. She is the founder of Mesahat for Liberating Learning, the Egyptian network for SDE. She works with INJAZ Egypt | إنجاز مصر, Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, YES! Jams, and Agile Learning Centers. So can YOU do?

Video from  EDIT – Education in Transformation

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