Inspirations: Conversations on a New World

3-part Podcast Series
Conversation With Raghu

In conversation with Raghu Anantanarayanan, we explore the impact of colonization on our psyche and the need to outgrow the

Conversation With Rajaji

In conversation with Rajaji, we look at how social movements can be engines of change, and how solidarity with the

Conversation with Mohanbhai

In this conversation Abhishek and Mohanji speak about the idea of decision making with full consent (Sarvanumati). They explore this

Inspirations is a podcast series where we have conversations about decolonization, unlearning and social consciousness with grassroots leaders who have worked in these spaces for decades. 
Through these conversations we bring out the nuances and insights of their journey:


Abhishek Thakore 

is the founder of Blue Ribbon Movement which builds leadership for a better world. He has participated in ecological forums locally and internationally. He is a Senior Fellow of Bhoomi College and lives in Mumbai with his family.