Conversation With Rajaji

In conversation with Rajaji, we look at how social movements can be engines of change, and how solidarity with the most marginalized is the key to creating a better world.

Rajagopal P. V., a Gandhian activist, is a former Vice Chairman of the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi. He is the founding member and president of Ekta Parishad, which is one of India’s largest grassroots organization working for land rights. Over the course of 30 years (1989 to 2018) Rajagopal trained thousands of rural young people to be in villages as trainer-leaders to build up community leadership and people’s action. This culminated in many state activities, and then two national actions, one in 2007 when 25,000 landless poor, mainly Adivasis, marched 350-kilometre yatra from Gwalior to the capital Delhi to demand the land reforms promised at Independence

Inspirations is a podcast series where we have conversations about decolonization, unlearning and social consciousness with grassroots leaders who have worked in these spaces for decades. Through these conversations, we bring out the nuances and insights of their journey.


Host: Abhishek Thakore

Guest: Rajagopal P. V

Thanks to the support of: The Ecoversities Publications Initiative 2020

From: India

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