How To Hospice The Current System – Learning With Covid

How can we collectively find ways to hospice the current system, imagine differently, and mobilize together to regenerate and recenter on life? 

EcoversiTea (an initiative of Ecoversities Alliance) hosts Learning With Covid, a series of impulses and conversations, a space to cultivate our connection, share different knowledges, unlock personal and collective potential, responding to the current crises as a planetary learning movement. 

This Episode was recorded on 26 April, 2020 with Rene Gabri, Ayreen Anastas, Sarah Amsler, Manolo Callahan and Marco Andrade offering a series of provocations to reflect on the new challenges but also on the opportunities that the pandemic seems to open. 

Curated by Udi Mandel and Alessandra Pomarico, with the Ecoversities Alliance

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