Film Festival 2023


Guti San* is a compendium of various audiovisual creations supported by Ecoversities, a reflection of a diverse alliance of artists connected by multiple feelings and common dreams. We celebrated them at the 2023 Ecoversities GutiSan Film Festival during the Re-imagining Education Conference 3.0.

*meaning: “DreamSeed”, Assamese-Serbian hybrid word generated by the publications group! 



Festival Trailer

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Casa Cultivo el Semillero

2022 Casa Cultivo el Semillero Documentary
Pia González-Tova, Ulises Contreras Vega

Tejiendo ReExistencias

2022 Red Mushuk Away Documentary
Marco Andrade, Sebastian Melo, Camilo Bossio,

✺ atenção-eclipse ✳

2023 Short Film
Ana Pura, Isadora Martins, Tarik Fraig

Beyond the Periphery of the Skin

2022 Short Film - Five days in Parma with Silvia Federici
Begonia Santa-Cecilia

Learning Reimagined!

2022 Thousand Shades of India Documentary
Abhijit Sinha, Shafaat Shahbandari

Are Mountains Living Beings?

2023 Short Film
Dilip Jain

People of Flour, Salt, and Water

2019 Chto Delat Documentary
Olga Tsaplay Egorova, Nina Gasteva, Dmitry Vilensky, Nikolay Oleynikov, produced by Free Home University, curated by Alessandra Pomarico and Nikolay Oleynikov, with the support of Musagetes (Canada) and Regione Puglia.

Tejiendo Alternativas

2019 Entrevista a Gustavo Esteva (spanish)
Franco Augusto

Dating a Tree - Dating a Composition

2022 Short Film
Doerte Weig, Roksana Niewadzisz

Grandiosa Afrocaribe y su Falda Larga

2023 Documental (español/português)
Andrés Fonseca

Kalike: Learnings from a research study

2023 Kanaja Samvada Film
Savitha Babu

Ecologies of Embodiment: Co-editing with the More-than-human

2023 Journal of Embodied Research Editorial
Doerte Weig, Raffaele Rufo

Festival Schedule

The GutiSan Film Festival 2023 took place in 4 sessions over 4 days during the Re-imagining Education Conference 3.0, showcasing almost 15 films and with stories and un/learnings with their co-creators:

GutiSan 1:  “Audiovisuals as Pedagogy” – Thursday April 27th, 11.15am ET

GutiSan 2:  “Life is larger than noise: biocentric audiovisuals for re-imagining life” – Friday April 28th, 8am ET

GutiSan 3:  “Des-aprendiendo la producción audiovisual: abrazando la colaboración y co(i)nspiración” – Saturday April 29th, 3.30pm ET

GutiSan 4:  “From Globalization to a Multiverse of Narratives” – Sunday 30th, 8am ET