Learning Reimagined!

Education is nothing but transforming humans into more empathetic, enterprising, conscious and responsive beings. 

Education is the process that helps people discover themselves and realise their true potential in the complete sense of being human. It is a process that helps a person find meaning and purpose in being useful to the society, equipped with an acute sense of justice, order and equity. Learning and transformation is a life long process and the role of an education system is to put the seekers on this journey of life long quest for knowledge, equipping them with the right tools and skills to help on this journey. A school’s job is to facilitate learning in a way that is most suitable for each individual learner, depending on their inclination, aptitude and ability. Across the world there is a growing movement that is seeking to redefine and redesign education and Project Defy is one organisations working on this front.

 A collaborative effort between Thousand Shades of India (TSOI) and Project Defy, this film explores the possibilities beyond the limited confines of established reality. Meticulously documenting the learners’ journey at the Nooks run by Project Defy over a period of six months, ‘Learning Reimagined’ portrays the transition and transformation learners undergo through various projects. The film shows what is possible, it helps you realise that there could be multiple paths of learning beyond convention. This film debunks myths and points towards possibilities waiting to be realised.

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