UniDiversidade das Kebradas

Unidivesidade das Kebradas is an initiative that offers opportunities for exchanges of experiences and practical learning between communities based on real projects that solve social and environmental issues and dilemmas of the planet. Recognizing the diversity of places of learning and power, the Unidiversity of the Kebradas honors communities, favelas, and other places of resistance. It is a breaking down of distances, prejudices, and old paradigms.


Modern education is far from training people capable of solving complex societal issues. This industrial education sustains the global economy, creates even more hierarchies than social justice, and more dissatisfied people than full.

Our Purpose

  • To put education at the service of the ecology, culture, gift economy, spirituality, and life of our planet;
  • To identify, honor, and make visible the knowledges of communities as new sites of power and learning;
  • To create and grow networks and connections between the “two sides of the bridge” to solve complex issues from the practical experiences of communities.

The “teachers” of this “unidiversity” are residents of the peripheries, indigenous, quilombolas, and other places of resistance who use creativity, arts, compassionate collaboration, traditional knowledge to solve complex community issues or who use their talents to create a new system. Also a kebrada master is anyone who is dedicated to breaking paradigms, distances, and prejudices.

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