Deer Park Institute

Spirit of Nalanda continues…Deer Park Institute started in 2006. Drawing inspiration from the ancient “Gurukul” Nalanda, that flourished from 5th A.D -12A.D, where knowledge was pursued not for labels, certification or any self promoting agendas, but clearly for the intent of transforming consciousness that naturally benefit all beings. The thrust was towards realisation of the innate wisdom all beings possess fundamentally, the pedagogy was hearing, contemplating and recognising the truth in one’s own experience. The curriculum was holistic, as life is…
drawing from the wisdom of ancient seers such as the Buddha, Nagarjuna, Shantideva, Padmasambhava, Prahevajra,Naropa, Gandhi, and Tagore.

Kangra, India

Deer Park Institute creates an atmosphere for contemplation, compassion and courage to be nurtured through the encounters with the Himalayas, the sublime energies…

With a variety of programs, workshops ranging from Zen meditation, to Kashmir Shaivism, study and debate of Buddhist sutras and shastras, Calligraphy, Wilderness writing, Haiku & Renga, Ragas and Indian classical music, Dance, Ayurveda, Yoga to Film making and various ecological and alternative education initiatives. All the programs are open to all and free of charge. 

In the last 13 years Deer Park has conducted over 600 courses and workshops, attended by over 5000 students annually from over 30 countries. 

The entire campus is zero waste, with a flourishing organic and herbal farm. Accommodation for over 75 students. With Library, children’s centre and over 4 Meditation and Study Halls, and a 400 seater outdoor amphitheatre. 


Bir, District Kangra,
Himachal Pradesh 176 077


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