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Mahua – News and conversations about the real economy in India 

These alivelihoods are restoring Nature and communities, making knowlede and the bounties of Nature and communities, making knowledge and the bounties of Nature freely accesible, bringing down inequities, facilitationg deep questioning and enquiry, healing the disconnected self and the wounded spirit, helping people experience real love and joy, all of which is dismantiling the machine

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THE GIGATONNE CHALLENGE – Complexity University

A BOLD, NEW, BOTTOM-UP, AT-SCALE, AT-PACE RESPONSE TO THE GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS We invite you to read about this adventure from Complexity University. You’ll find voices, study cases, what they did in 2020 and next steps towards reducing global emissions one prototype at the time:  Gigatonne challenge – Complexity University from Ecoversities More information about

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