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Are eco-versities the future for higher education? (2016)

Transforming learning into a process of liberation sounds great, but what does it mean in practice? Eco-versity representatives at a meeting in Portugal in 2015. Credit: Brandon Hay. “Redefining the way we learn is also about being aware of the underlying patterns that have been imposed on us through our schooling. Many times we are

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Re-imagining higher education

Learning takes place in the heart, the hands and the home, not just in the head. What does that mean for the universities of the future? Students from Red Crow Community College visiting Omahkakihtakssin (Majorville Medicine Wheel) in southern Alberta, Canada.  Credit: Narcisse Blood. All rights reserved. Situated within the same walls that once housed

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Learning to learn in a context of war

Notes on the 1st Ecoversities gathering in Tamera, Portugal Compas:[1] The memories of our encounter still resonate in my mind and in my heart. I still need to process many things. The hassle of everyday life has caught me, and it is always complicated for me to sit and write my feelings/thoughts (sentipensamientos), but I did

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