World Localization Day – June 21 2020

Take a look at this event that starts on June 21st, this is a program of inspirational talks to imagine how the world can be if we shift it from Global to Local.

Here is the invitation: 

After COVID-19, we can return to stressful disconnected lives and climate catastrophe or we can slow down, scale down and rebuild our connections to each other and to the Earth.

This pre-recorded event will include Talks, Discussions, Music, and interspersed with Celebrity Endorsements, Animations Political humour. 

There will also be a Q&A forum and a live chat.

The event will be streamed three times: starting at 4pm in Sydney, 4pm in New York and 4pm in London.

If you’re not sure which streaming works best for your timezone, please click the city names above.

Register in this link 

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