Warriors Without Weapons

“The dream of a better world cannot wait. The message is clear about to provoke urgency in actions: leave immobility to wake up the dreams that have been postponed for too long”. O sonho de um mundo melhor não pode esperar. A mensagem é clara no sentido de provocar a urgência nas ações: sair do imobilismo para despertar sonhos abafados há muito tempo.” This is a documentary that portrays a keen eye on how all of this came to the participants of the program Guerreiros sem Armas (Warriors Without Weapons). The effort for an experiential learning program took the participants to work in forgotten communities of Santos, to many farms in the outskirts of cities: next to dumps (Vila dos Criadores), under the shade of mountains of containers (Alemoa), or in mangroves and in stilts (Prainha). It is with the populations from these towns that a significant portion of the program is unfolded and where transformations are revealed. The villages stop being a collection of roofs to shelter isolated lives and they start to gain again a sense of what is collective, of how it is a life in community that beats with the want of walking towards a better future. To change the world through their own context is the commitment that is done for immediate future, the coming back to the basis. We are warriors, sowers of the belief that changing the world is a question of changing the attitude. The results can be seen by new communities through ‘Oasis’ a dumpster of hope.

The program Warriors Without Weapons is led by the NGO Instituto Elos

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