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Ever imagined a university inside a jail? Prisons are meant to be a place for reflection, reform and resurrection, but Indian prisons are everything but that. Amidst this general apathy, a pilot education programme at Udaipur Central Jail is showing us what prisons could be. Can prison be a place for healing, dreaming and learning? Could jail-time be a time for revival and rejuvenation? Shot inside a high-security prison, this documentary film gives you a peek into the life-changing stories of inmates on the verge of incredible revival. Watch it till the end, share with your friends and do your bit in bringing a real change in the society!

The Swaraj Jail University project began in October 2018 with the purpose of prototyping a self-designed learning program in the Udaipur Central Jail. The purpose is to help inmates explore their passions, gain practical skills, and re-ignite self-esteem, leadership and life vision in the face of the numerous challenges of incarcerated life. The inmates are invited and supported to design their own personalized learning programs based on their interests and needs. Everyone is a teacher and a learner in the Jail University. It is inspired by our last 20 years of action-research in Shikshantar and Swaraj University. The Swaraj Jail University was initiated Shikshantar, Art of Living, Gandhi Ashram-Moved by Love, Edible Routes Foundation and Navgurukul in partnership with the Udaipur Central Jail staff and inmates.


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