Solidarity and Mutual Aid Opportunities

In the midst of planetarium turmoil, we are compelled to take actions towards collective liberation and inquire into solidarity. Mutual aid is the first stand where we can find solutions and make decisions toward a roots-remembering humanity. We are all dreams, hearts, families, nature. How can all of us remember this, our interconnectiveness, our common ancestors, our common purpose?

Join this space for direct mutual aid. Contribute with your gift as you can.

Help Mohamad's Family: From War to Hope

Mohamad is Palestinian author and researcher, friend of the Alliance who attended the Ecoversities Global Gathering in Siwa in 2022. "My name is Mohamad AlZaqzouq, and I'm reaching out to you with a heartfelt request for your support. Friends, we are all living in the worst form of war in Gaza, a strong and dominant war that has turned all forms of life into an endless hell. Everything is being severely damaged. Death, devastation, blood, and aggression are everywhere, and I am now struggling to keep hope and life alive, and to remain able to preserve my humanity and not be turned into rubble by the war machine. The short experience I lived in Siwa and the memories that this experience left behind live with me now and create for me hope that pushes me towards resisting this brutality."

Aid for Mahmoud's Family Amidst Ongoing War

Mahmoud Al Shaer is a friend and collaborator of the Alliance, founder of 28 Magazine, a literary and cultural project based in Gaza. "The plight of my family mirrors that of many others in Gaza. We are in urgent need of support to ensure our safety. The escalating costs associated with leaving Gaza have presented insurmountable obstacles. We are launching a heartfelt fundraiser to aid the members of my family."

Palestine Humanitarian Response

Please support this campaign started by friends of the Alliance. "We can no longer stand by and watch our children and families suffer. It's time for us to take action, whatever the cost, to protect them. Civilians are being targeted and entire families are being wiped from existence. Children are not being spared, and essential medical supplies are running out in hospitals. The funds raised through the PHRC will be used to implement several activities in Gaza with displaced children as well as secure medical supplies."

Urgent Plea: Evacuate Family Amidst Gaza Genocide

Saleh K. Y. Abu Shamala is a friend and collaborator of the Alliance and a beacon of hope and resilience, a Palestinian advocate deeply embedded in the realms of cultural preservation, human rights, and educational reform. He attended the Ecoversities Global Gathering in Siwa in 2022. "The challenges my family encounters mirror the struggles of many in Gaza. Immediate aid is crucial to ensure our safety. Escalating costs associated with leaving Gaza present significant obstacles. We are launching a heartfelt fundraising campaign to offer support for my family members, facilitating their evacuation from the brutality of genocide."

Seeds of Hope - Help Ashraf and his Family

Helena is part of the Paqo tradition of the Andes and is sharing this source of power and healing with a family in Gaza, as well as helping set up a crowdfunding to cover their basic needs. "Over many texts and video calls (through very intermittent internet signal), I have got to know Ashraf and his family quite well. Before the war they had a full life, where they lived in Khuza’a - their home is now destroyed - they lost everything! They are a very modest family, they feel ashamed to have to ask for help or even be photographed. Ashraf was in his final year of school and looking forward to going to university. He wants to follow his father’s footsteps and become a civil engineer."

Shelters for Gaza's internally displaced

Please support this campaign started by friends of the Alliance. "In the heart of the ongoing crisis in Gaza, our NGO, Survivors for Human Rights (SHR), is urgently calling for your support to provide temporary shelters, food, and medical supplies to the internally displaced families in Rafah. Witnessing the escalating humanitarian crisis, we are committed to scaling up our efforts to reach more families in dire need. Established in Brussels in 2023, SHR is dedicated to supporting human rights and providing immediate relief in Gaza. In collaboration with local committees, we ensure that every donation is efficiently used and directly contributes to life-saving supplies and support.."

Help Ahmed’s family find safety out of Gaza

Ahmed M. Saleh is a friend and collaborator of the Alliance, "I am urgently seeking your support to bring my family – my brother, his wife and my two sisters – out of Gaza, to a place where they can rebuild their lives in safety and peace. Your contribution, no matter how small, will bring my family one step closer to safety and security. If you are unable to contribute financially, your help in sharing and spreading the word about this fundraising effort would also be immensely valuable."

Stand with Esam & his Family

Essam is a friend and collaborator of the Alliance, talented young writer. "Before the war, Esam had lots of dreams, envisioning a future that is full of hope and possibilities. However, the devastation of war shattered not just homes but also Esam's dreams. Now, with nothing left, Esam and his family's lives, homes, and aspirations lie in ruins. The funds raised through this campaign will be directed towards providing immediate assistance to Esam and his family. From basic necessities to helping them secure shelter, every contribution will serve as a beacon of hope in their darkest hour. Your support will not only aid in their immediate assistance but also in rebuilding some of their destroyed and bombed homes."