MUMAY Colombia – Germinators Report 2021


Germinating based in the village of Cocorná (town in Antioquia province, Colombia), but virtually also from Bogotá (national capital), Manizales (Risaralda province’s capital) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), has being a process of self-transformation,  knowledge exchange and co-creation towards community building. 

First, during 2019,  the initial core team at Cocorná and Manizales developed the concept of MUMAY as a living organism, and defined its vision, mission, and projection. Then 2020 gave lessons, especially on projection, and made us move, change, develop. 

The core team expanded and through virtual meetings we have been able to continue nourishing the project while the current global circumstances allow us to meet all at once at “La Aldea” in Cocorná – the headquarters of MUMAY. Through the expansion of MUMAY’s vibrations, we have been able to integrate key partners to nourish MUMAY’s network. Up to now,  Mastay Multiversity has achieved the preliminary launch of its website: (meanwhile hidden until launch later this year) and we are now concentrating our efforts on MUMAY’s heart and brain, defining functions for the core team and designing the pedagogy program. 

The pedagogy program is an integration of holistic ancient and modern wisdom, and is defined by interconnected pillars composed of virtual and vivencial experiences, creating what we have named the “Mastay Path”. We have made impressive progress in the design of the Mastay Path and the functional structure of MUMAY, finding a rhythm in the digital world and with projection to open enrollment dates for the first group of the Mastay Path’s “wayfarers” by the second semester of 2021 or first semester 2022, as always pending the current context. (As the Mastay Path is not only virtual, it is experiential in territories, so we wait for the right moment)

While the core team continues to hold virtual meetings in 2021, “La Aldea” flourishes as it can while the uncertainty, with bonding activities towards collective building and nourishing, as a Transition territory, expressing its magic at the heart of water abundance and a diverse community. We believe that being in a rural area and at a close distance from the village, La Aldea and Mumay’s headquarters can be a reference point for local and international society.

For all the above, we are pleased to share with the Alliance these (un)learnings and express our gratitude for the promotion of our intentions, since with the resources granted in support we have:

(1) Developed the website and valued some of the work of the designers – around 350usd from the fund.

(2) Supported the construction of a roof for a collective ancestral space – aprox. 200usd from the fund.  

(3) Although all of the team have not been able to travel to the territory, we have been able to support a couple of core members to meet as a team in Cocorná – around 150usd from the fund.

Best regards,

MUMAY’s core team

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