Medical Protocols and Healing Relationships – Learning with Covid

The Covid-19 Pandemic is being used to reinforce the pharma industry and all its apparatus, and health issues have been also instrumentalized, becoming conductive of more control over our bodies and our minds. Language and communication through media and social media have a tremendous impact on our lives, producing fears, a desire to be governed, altering our notions of having a good life and being able to heal. Artist Emilio Fantin, anthroposophic Doctor Cinzia di Meglio, conventional Doctor Rossana Becarelli, and Josefina Guzman and Pedro Reygadas, from Centro de Investigaciones and Studios Transmodernos, in conversation around healing issues and practices, from different perspectives.

EcoversiTea (an initiative of Ecoversities Alliance) hosts Learning With Covid, a series of impulses and conversations, a space to cultivate our connection, share different knowledges, unlock personal and collective potential, responding to the current crises as a planetary learning movement.

This episode was recorded on Saturday, July 11th, 2020. Curated by Udi Mandel and Alessandra Pomarico, with the Ecoversities Alliance.

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