~ dispatches for (un)learning and re-imagining education ~

The Ecoversities Alliance has a rich and growing library of commissioned publications, contributed by members since 2018. 

The Ecoversities Magazine is a periodic dispatch of gifts from this library; essays, books, articles, films, podcasts, and multimedia publications on themes related to our ongoing and multilayered research in the Alliance and within the larger ecosystem of re-imagining education. We invite you to let your intuitive self guide your exploration through this compost heap of provocations, questions, inspiration, stories, experiences, cosmolivings from all over the world, may they enrich your soils and support you as you navigate the edges of your (un)learning.


July 2023

Issue 7

Radical Entanglements

Eliana Otta – Luis Moreno-Caballud – Begonia Santa-Cecilia – Dilip Jain – Daniela Brasil – Silvana  Beraldo – Kate Morales – Viola Berlanda – Valeria Muledda/Studiovuoto

April 2023

Seeding Earth Connections

Rahul Hasija – Shane Finan – Jesal Kapadia – Mattia Pellegrini – Riham Aziz el Din – Bayo Akomolafe

February 2023

Queerness Taught Me That

Kate Morales – Giorgia Frisardi – Mattia Pellegrini – Camila Marambio – Claudio Miranda – Annie Paradise – Manuel Callahan

October 2022

The Myth of the Gilded Researcher

Four Arrows – Sara Jolena Wolcott – Bayo Akomolafe – Stephanie Marie Knox Steiner – Casa de Cultivo, El Semillero – Zaid Hassan

July 2022

Zapatista Civic Pedagogy in a Time of War

Andrea González Andino – Juan José Lugo – Manual Callahan – Silvia Federici – Begonia Santa-Cecilia – José Salomón Espinoza Andrade – Miti Desai – Anna Tsing – Graeme Thomson

February 2022

Preparing for a Confusing Future: Complexity, Warm Data and Education

La Foresta Collective – Manolo Callahan – John Foran – Keri Facer – Alessandra Pomarico – Nora Bateson – Gerardo López Amaro

November 2021

Indigenous Worldview can Preserve our Existence

Morag Gamble – Juan José Lugo – Manish Jain – Kū Kahakalau – Udi Mandel – Kejal Savla – Arnaz Khan – Abhishek Thakore – Four Arrows