I-Science – Ndeye San


Welcome, pirate friend, as you hold this booklet in your hands. 

I would like to share with you a story: the creative, musical, dream-like and human journey, which gave birth to this album, Ndeye San. We are I-Science, freedom-thirsty pirates, seeking for alternatives and real equality, just like old-times pirates did, the first anarchist dreamers! Ndeye San, a difficult concept to translate. Ndeye San is a Wolof exclamation referring to things or situations warming up one’s heart: a moving action, a beautiful music, a touching person. Ndeye San can also express compassion, for example, if one says, “So and so experienced a difficulty,” the answer may be, “ oooh, ndeye san! ”. Ndeye San implies opening one’s heart and I-Science with this album hopes indeed to touch your heart.

Our journey on the way to discover Ndeye San – the Vast Ocean of Dreams and Heart – began four years ago. Initially there were two captains on board, then one day a spaceship landed on our galleon’s pontoon and one of the captains set off with aliens to explore the unknown through infinite space.

A farewell carrying so many emotions… 

Fear of not being able to steer the vessel, have the strength, live up to the expectations…at first it was emptiness, doubt, confusion, the night…then, suddenly, large bass bubbles, a crescendo rhythm and the sirens’ voices guided us through the dark waves… “Full steam ahead!” towards the night and its mysteries… I-Lila…

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