Herramientas para el Buen Vivir – Germinator Fund Report 2021

Herramientas para el Buen Vivir is a civil society organization that arises with the intention of strengthening the development and innovation of ideas and projects that feed collective processes aimed at Good Living. We provide services and knowledge in the area of gender, participatory leadership, alternative economies, digital educational processes, print and analog communication on TV and Radio and we create community interconnection networks (Mesh Networks).

The money from the Germinator grant was used to pay sustained travel expenses (food, transportation and accommodation, but also a little stationery) to visit and explore the possibility of starting a pilot program of what we call Hackademia (Training a group of local youths so that they can build, design, operate and manage local and community wi-fi networks).

One such community, Xoxhiteopan, in the state of Morelos had a specific need to bring the internet signal from the Secondary School to the town so that young people could “study” at a distance. So, together with other NGOs that work on water issues in the area, Tools for Good Living, the parents’ committee of the Secondary School and the local authorities, it was decided that at the same time that the issue of bringing the internet was resolved, it would be implemented the Hackademia in three phases, the first (which we are about to finish) to train the group of young people (who in this case were pure women, which makes us very happy) in how to set up a wi-fi network with a community server (from build the computer that works as a server, to install the antennas, and design the “routes” and hardware needs for the signal to work well).

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