Film Festival 2020


Guti San* is a compendium of various audiovisual creations supported by Ecoversities, a reflection of a diverse alliance of artists connected by multiple feelings and common dreams. Join us to celebrate them at the 2020 Ecoversities Film Festival during the online planetary gathering.

*meaning: “DreamSeed”, Assamese-Serbian hybrid word generated by the publications group! 

Festival Trailer

On Nature and Ideology

Performative Drawing
With Vladan Jeremic and Rena Raedle

Tejiendo Re-Existencias

Mushuk Away
Con Marco Andrade, Sebastian Melo y Camilo Bossio

Kebradas Na India

UnDiversidade das Kebradas
Con Giselle Paulino

She Has No Land

With Jesal Kapadia and Mattia Pellegrini

Xutuli + Kortal

Brahmaputra Cultural Foundation
With Shilpika Bordoloi


With Laure Malecot

Comunidad Alfarera de Aprendizaje

Innovando la Tradición
Con Diego Mier y Terán y artesanxs de la comunidad

Friday, December 4th | 2 – 3 pm New York (EST)

Friday, December 4th | 8 – 9 pm New York (EST)

Saturday, December 5th | 10 – 11 am New York (EST)

Saturday, December 6th | 4:30 – 5:00 pm New York (EST)

Sunday, December 6th | 10 – 11 am New York (EST)

Sunday December 6th | 1 – 2 pm New York (EST)

Code: ANIMA 1 | Available until Sunday, December 13 to Ecoversities members

Sunday, December 6th | 6 – 7 pm New York (EST)