Education for Regenerative Cultures

Daniel Christian Wahl in conversation on the topic of education for regenerative cultures. Interview by Espen Malling.

Recorded during the Re-imagining Education Conference, March 2021, organized by Ecoversities.

“Climate change, biodiversity loss, and obscene levels of inequality are but symptoms of underlying causes. To address them effectively we have to go upstream. We have to take a closer look at not just ‘what we know’ but ‘how we know’. We have to reexamine the cultural narratives that inform our dominant worldview and through that our actions. Education for regenerative cultures is about the life-long process of enabling and building the capacity of everyone to express their unique potential to serve their community and the planet and in the process serve themselves.” // Excerpt from Daniel C. Wahl’s article “Education and Regenerative Cultures (Version 0.0)

DANIEL CHRISTIAN WAHL, Ph.D., is a thought-leader of the rising reGeneration and the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures. He holds degrees in Biology, Holistic Science, and his 2006 doctorate was on ‘Design for Human and Planetary Health’ (University of Dundee).

Daniel works as a consultant, educator, and activist with NGOs, businesses, governments, and global change agents. He grew up in Germany and has lived in California, Mexico, Honduras, Japan, England, and Scotland before he moved to Majorca, Spain, ten years ago to practice re-inhabitation and deepen his experience in facilitating bioregional regeneration.

You can find the book Designing Regenerative Cultures via the following link:

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