Universidad de la Tierra, or Unitierra, is an alternative university serving as a learning center for young people who wish to engage in an education driven by an inquisitive passion for studying and learning, not the passion for a degree or diploma.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Universidad de la Tierra, or Unitierra, was thus born amongst the context of radical reactions against schooling observed in many Indigenous communities. Unitierra is deeply immersed in social change processes and dedicates itself centrally to the exploration of new options for the creation of political, ideological and cultural alternatives. Unitierra understands learning as an aspect of daily life that can be cultivated and studying as the joyful and autonomous exercise of the free people. The research made, theoretical and abstract, as well as those applied to one specific aspect of reality, are exercises of reflection in action.


Azucenas 610, Reforma, 68050 Oaxaca, Mexico.


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