The UnaVersity is an alternative university coordinating an intensive knowledge exchange to support the co-development for a better livelihood for all people, and creating a transformative learning community.

Küstriner Vorland, Germany

UnaVersity is creating a lively Transformative Learning community of emergent and resilient unaVillages, where people are Learning, Working and Living together for a sustainable, good and peaceful livelihood within the global, solidary UnaVision community. UnaVersity offers a unique learning environment for the global UnaVision community. The UnaVersity approaches are Transformative Learning, Project-Based Learning (PBL), Learning Journeys and support for personal growths and mastery. THe UnaVersity provides a growing knowledge and collaborative network driven by like-minded, experienced people and connected with the ecoVersities network of disruptive learning organizations. The UnaVersity system works with an innovative system of supporting individuals in attaining their learning objectives. The core function of unaVision is collective learning to co-create and implement prototypes for good living without harm to our environment. Therefore learning is so important that, if someone in the UnaVersity community decides to learn something, she or he immediately becomes his or her own Minister of Education.



Herzershof 10, OT Manschnow, 15328 Küstriner Vorland, Germany.


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