The Dharavi Dream Project

The Dharavi Dream Project was sown as an idea for under-resourced kids in Dharavi to have free and easy access to the “After school of hip-hop”. Values derived from this artform empowers them to share thoughts and express themselves through music, dance and graphics openly. With our initial success at Dharavi, now we plan to take on this movement globally.

Mumbai, India


The Dharavi Dream Project aims to help create and sustain an environment in which the under-resourced emerging Hip-Hop talent be encouraged to follow their passion for music.

AFTER SCHOOL of hip hop

हमारे बारे में

A hip-hop movement started in 2014 running for the last 6 yrs in the bylanes of Dharavi – Asia’s largest Ghetto to discover, nurture, mentor and showcase emerging under-resourced Hip-Hop talent from Dharavi and across the world.

Today, our family has grown and developed, we have 150+ students nurtured by 8 instructors in 5 fields. We’re always looking for volunteers, you can be a part of our fam-jams too.



Ganesh Vidyamandir, 6,
Sant Kakkayya Marg,
P.K. Kunte Nagar, Sheshwadi,
Dharavi, Mumbai-400017


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