Sterling College

Sterling College uses education as a force to address critical ecological problems caused by unlimited growth and consumption that is destroying the planet as we have known it. Our mission is to advance ecological thinking and action through affordable experiential learning that prepares people to be knowledgeable, skilled, and responsible leaders in the communities in which they live.

Craftsbury Common, Vermont, U.S.A.

Sterling College is a private college focused on the human relationship with the natural world. Because we know that the most critical issues of our time involve our climate, soil, water, food, energy, wilderness, and estrangement from nature, Sterling offers ecologically focused bachelor’s degrees in only four areas—EcologyEnvironmental HumanitiesSustainable Agriculture & Food Systems, and Outdoor Education (or a program you design yourself)— to equip you for lives and careers that live up to your values.


PO Box 72 Craftsbury Common, VT 05827

+1 (802) 586-7711

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